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The SONATA Story.

Sonata was born out of an existing music agency, here in London, Soundscape. We’ve been scoring and licensing music for film and brands for over 15 years. As a collective of musicians, filmmakers and creatives we’ve been frustrated by the inner workings of the music licensing sector. The lack of transparency, promotion of average stock music and shady rights management which all inevitably leads to the right music not being placed on the right projects. Artists are frustrated and so are the end users, filmmakers. We want to simplify the licensing engine for all parties, once and for all.

Our goal is to give phenomenal independent artists and composers some well-deserved reach and help carry your music as far as it can possibly go through the power of the sync license. At the same time, we’ve developed a model that makes licensing this music fluid, affordable, fast, accessible and transparent so that our end users keep coming back and the artistry is valued - properly.

All of this has formed the foundations to set up our new venture, SONATA, with a dedicated team of specialists to build out our vision and leverage our existing contacts. The project is yet to launch and this is just a temporary landing page for submissions, we expect to launch our private beta August 2019.


SONATA is a community of composers, producers and artists that bring their music to the catalog and offer a license to use their work in video, film and content productions. We connect this platform to a network of professional freelancers and media organisations that access our catalog by paying for an annual subscription or single-use licenses depending on how they plan to use the music.

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SONATA’s music is available to license either via a traditional single-use license or a subscription model (for our frequent users). We split all revenue with you, our artists, 50-50. The single license model works as standard. The revenue generated from subscription fees is collected and divided amongst artists according to their percentage of overall downloads. Artists do not pay to be part of SONATA but not all applications are accepted and subject to our A&R process.


We do not ask for any exclusivity and artists keep 100% ownership of their music. This means you will retain 100% of your publishing royalties from sync placements. You’re free to come and go as you please, allowing you to keep control over your music & career. There genuinely are no strings attached.


In our experience, all music, whatever the style or nature will be relevant for someone, somewhere. However there are a number of genres and styles that just seem to get more sync placements than others. That’s not to say if you don’t fit one of the criteria below you shouldn’t submit, we’re just giving you some pointers:

  • Cinematic

  • Electronic

  • Singer-Songwriter

  • Soul

  • Blues

  • Urban

  • Indie

  • Country

  • World

  • Ambient Soundscapes & Beds

  • Jazz

  • Pop

To be clear, SONATA is not another ‘stock | production’ library. Our model allows you, the artists and composers to retain 100% of your rights whilst showcasing your music to industry movers and shakers. Therefore we’re only accepting tracks of a high production standard, so please, submit your best for review.

Sync licensing is becoming an increasingly important revenue source for todays artists. SONATA has found a smart solution to bridge the gap and support emerging talent whilst providing a better service for todays content industry. I’m excited for the launch!


Sonata is born out of our sister business, Soundscape (soundscapeagency.com). We currently place music for some of the biggest names in media and entertainment.



Now you know the details, it’s time to apply. Please see below for 3 steps to submission heaven:

  1. Please apply through our submissions portal below.

  2. Our A&R team will review all applications and respond within 14 days.

  3. If approved we’ll request further details to and arrange contracts.